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One year. One year ago we released our first issue of GuildMag. Did we anticipate that we would grow, that we would learn and evolve into what we currently are? We certainly did not. Of course, one can dream to grow, one can set goals they want to reach, but in the end, it's the content that's important. We all hope that you enjoyed our past issues as much as we did, we hope that you learned something from our efforts. Most of all though, we hope we gave you a great time reading and listening.


This issue is about letting everything loose for the moment and doing crazy things. You will find that the amount of lore in this current issue is not as large as in our usual issues, though you will see that the usual lore writers tried to show something more of themselves via fan fiction or other articles. We also included a fictionstory about how GuildMag was created. There's a whole lot more in this issue as you can see in the index. Noteworthy: we have gotten a chance to do an interview with ArenaNet to close off some gaps and we're able to give out four mercenary hero codes in a nice little contest!


Though the biggest thing which you probably already noticed is that we redesigned our magazine. No longer will you need to download a large PDF file to read our magazine. No, from now on we will be publishing the magazine in HTML so even more people can access these issues.


We really hope you've enjoyed our past year and that you will stay with us as we look forward to the next. Hopefully things will get even more interesting. We sure got a lot of stuff planned for the upcoming year, but for now, thank you for reading us and stay tuned for the years to come!


Dutch Sunshine


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