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An Altaholic's Problem With Too Many Options


I have a massive problem when it comes to making characters. Not that I find it hard, no I make too many and then I feel the constant need to actually play all 15 of them. With Guild Wars 1 the options on character creation were quite small and I hated most of the faces, so I really didn't have to worry about making 12 characters just to do it.

Guild Wars 2 though is going to send me to A/A (Altaholics Anonymous) meetings. There are well over a million options to pick from and so far I have yet to see a character's looks I hate. It likely means I need to pre-order and get the game at midnight so I might get one character to play as on day one. Then of course I am going to think I messed up my first character no matter what and instead of just keeping him, he will be deleted.

Then I will spend a good two hours, (okay fine likely more than two), just to make my second one. At first I thought a Sylvari Ranger was going to be the first one I wouldmake, but then I decided no, Warrior was it. Now I am thinking Charr just for their armor and run animation. The lack of Sylvari, Asura, and Norn game play is making me want them less, for the little things are what matter to me. I couldn't play a Necromancer in Guild Wars 1 because I couldn't stand their run.

You would think that I should play and not worry about each character I create or worry about playing all of them I make equally. My girlfriend thinks I am crazy because I already told her that she will have to make just as many so we can always play together....I give her a week before she makes one of every race just so she can play with me that way.

Being a massive Altaholic you would think I wouldn't have any real connection to my characters other than the need to always want what the player next to me is playing, but sadly that is only partially true. I do want that Elementalist that I saw on the video, so yeah that will be my first, at leasttill the next profession is revealed. No, my addiction is from the obsessive need to create my own Storyline for each character and give them their own identity. Guild Wars 2 must have heard, because now they've made it a major part of the game, which means I will have to make so many characters till I run out of story line options. ArenaNet is going to be rich if character slots are sold.

In Guild Wars 1 I had a female warrior, only because males looked fat to me, and I also had a male monk. Normally my guild would have to figure out which random new character was me so we could do any kind of PVP or PVE content together, or if they needed my one male monk for anything.

I never just like one role and again Arena Net must be filled with Altaholics because everyone profession can do everything. But now I am going to need a character for each role based off each profession. I will need my first character, Ranger, (yes I changed it again), to be a long/short bow specialist. Then I will need one that uses nothing but the Greatsword. That isn't even mentioning pets because by now you have figured out I will have a Ranger for every pet.

Did I forget to mention that the Dye system is going to be used by me almost daily. I just love having new colors of things so if you are lucky enough to actually catch me on my so called "main" then he/she will have new colored armor every time. I am happy they didn't do weapons or I would spend hours getting my armor and sword to look right.

So I guess in writing this I am saying, "I NEED HELP". That's right I have a problem and I need ArenaNet to limit me to a character a week so I don't make a new one everyday. I know everyone out there at the very least knows one Altaholic. So please don't get angry when we are always behind you in level because we had to get our brand new Warrior which we already have three of to level 10 instead of getting our "main" Warrior to level 80. It isn't our fault, really. it is a sickness. If you know us then please make sure you plan everything a few hours ahead on new characters, we need time to create our masterpiece Necromancer.

I know I need help, and I know my guild will get frustrated with always having to figure out if I am on or not. But thegood news is, if you need any profession I have at least one or three of them. If you need a particular race I have two of each. If you have read through all of this I have only one more thing to say;

Please don't tell my girlfriend I am going to get a few accounts so I never run out of room for new characters, she already said no.

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