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Featured artist: Action Jack


Click to go to Actionjack's "Can I Play GW2" comic series on GuildWars2Guru.

Can you tell us a little bit about your IRL self?
ActionJack: Well, I am a man of few words… So, lets start when I was five. It was a sunny June’s day, and the Carnival was in town. It was also the day when I first tasted cotton candy, and was touched by a clown … Jokes aside. IRL, I am 30 years of age, live in sunny California, I am single, and enjoy short walks on virtual beaches. *hint hint*.

GuildMag: When did you join Guild Wars?
ActionJack: E3 for Everyone. So the week of May 10, 2004.

GuildMag: Do you have a favourite profession?
ActionJack: It’s really hard to say. But I would say Strip Dancers. It’s a hard job, but someone's gotta do it.

GuildMag: Did you do art before you started making Guild Wars related art?
ActionJack: I am a casual amateur artist. So besides doodling stuff in class, and some paintings in art classes, I wouldn’t really say 'yes', unless it depends on how you define “art”.

GuildMag: When did you start making Guild Wars related Art? (was there a special occasion that sparked it?)
ActionJack: When I start getting involved on the forums. It was a good output and release for creativity. And positive comments are always appreciated and encouraging.

GuildMag: What is your favourite art form? Do you have a favourite medium for your art?
ActionJack: I enjoy all sorts of art forms and art styles. But I do 'heart' chibi style a lot too. My favorite medium would be digital, as it's more accessible. That, or just the plain power of words (granted I am not a good writer, nor like to read).

GuildMag: I noticed you hardly work in colour, for example most of your armours can be called line art. Is that a deliberate choice?
ActionJack: Are you mocking me for my lack of skill in colour mediums? How dare you!
*Walk off the Interview.
*Walk back to get my paycheck, before realizing there is no paycheck.

Anyhow, although I would like to blame it on my colour blindness, I really can’t (granted I do have a hard time telling the difference between FF0000 and F40000). Its a combination of a lack of colour sense, lack of colouring skill, lack of time, and overall abundance of laziness. Take your pick.

GuildMag: Have you ever participated in a Guild Wars art contest and did you ever win a prize with your Guild Wars art? (be it official or workshop?)
Can you find me in there? (look down… way down)

GuildMag: We sort of know we will be seeing you (and your art) in Guild Wars 2. Do you have any idea on what sort of character you will play?
ActionJack: Not sure yet, but maybe a female Assassin or Gunner. (cause I like the adventurer’s outfit most).

GuildMag: Your latest outlet is the web comic ‘Can I play Guild Wars2’, what sparked this comic?
ActionJack: Various factors. One was Overlord’s Dynmatic Event comics. Another was a want to try a new style of comic (something different from my last shorts). I was also heavily influenced by Matt Boyce’s “Life is Humilation” comic at the time. And lastly, the daily 2-hour commute.

GuildMag: I know from experience that it can be hard to try and cover actuality within an outlet, since you have to rely on this actuality to provide you with inspiration. How do you deal with this and do you have enough inspiration for more of those adorable and funny (in my view) comics?
ActionJack: Many sources of inspiration are drawn from the major feature of the game (or what Anet released so far), as well as the discussion topics on the forum.

But the spark of ideas vary. Sometimes you've got a good one that just pops into your head, while often, no matter how much you stroke it, nothings comes. But its all just part of the creative process. And besides, if I run dry, I can always fall back on some Cakessassin silliness.

None the less, it is a surprise to see how many I have done, since the original goal was just to go for 30, then it changed to 50. Now the aim is 100, and by the looks of it, it will only take time to reach that goal.

GuildMag: If any of our readers would like to check out any of your art, where should they go?
ActionJack: For now, I would just say the art forum at Guild Wars 2 guru. I havn’t put much of my older stuff, as well as the older comics, onto a page like Deviant Art yet.

GuildMag: Anything else you would like to share with our readers/your fans?
ActionJack: I enjoy gifts. Feel free to send me some.

GuildMag: Thank you for your insights and answers, and I hope 'I can play GW2' soon..
ActionJack: Me2. and I see what you did there.










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