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Mercenary Heroes



What's mandatory for each birthday? Indeed! Presents! For our birthday, we don't need any presents from you guys— we're giving presents away! ArenaNet has given us four single Mercenary Hero codes to give away in a competition. We want to hear from your soon-to-be-hero why s/he deserves to be a Mercenary Hero on your team.

Whether they're arrogant, virtuous, insane, or something completely different, tell us in your hero's voice why you should be the one to obtain a single Merchenary Hero code! This all has to be written within 200 words and you have to include a picture of your soon-to-be-hero as well for completeness. To enter the contest, just fill in the form at the end of this page!

After we have received all submissions, we will then blind pick the winners and will announce them on our website, but also include them in our next issue!

The contest closes at June the 19th at 12pm (GMT+1) | 4pm PDT (GMT-7) | 7pm EDT (GMT-4)


- 4x Single Mercenary Hero Code

All submissions must comply with the following:

- Include your own name or IGN and your email address. (This will only be used to contact you if you win a prize and will not be shared while the voting process is running)
- Your submission may be no longer than 200 words
- You need to include a picture of your soon-to-be-hero
- You're not a member of the GuildMag team
- One entry per person.


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